Overwatch's Basketballs Shoot Confetti Now, But At What Cost

By Nathan Grayson on at

At the start of some Overwatch levels, you can find basketballs aboard the Overwatch crew’s trademark sky limo. They’re fully physics-enabled, so you can blast them to your heart’s content. Recently, Blizzard changed them — for the worse, IMO.

Let’s start with the good: in the wake of Overwatch’s recent big patch, if you sink a shot, you get a joyous burst of confetti and cheering sounds, like in this clip from AnneMunition:

And this one from dolgo:

Woo! You did it! Your mother, father, the President, and Freddie Mercury agree that you are a champion. Seriously, though, this is a smart addition to Overwatch’s basketball meta. Previously, it was sometimes hard to tell if a shot went in or not. Now, it’s clear as fireworks in a dark night sky.

Unfortunately, Blizzard also tweaked basketball physics. Now it’s like taking half-court shots in a bouncy castle. Even melee attacks make basketballs soar ridiculously. If you smack one while it’s still bouncing, prepare to watch it hurdle around the whole dang room for multiple seconds.

Wanna start a match with a morale-boosting shot? Wanna inspire confidence in your leadership skills because, damn, lady/dude can ball? Wanna use Pharah’s jetpack to pull off the dunk of the century, immediately ending the match and beginning the apocalypse as seen in Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden?

Too bad. Now you probably can’t. Overwatch is barely even playable anymore. Game director Jeff Kaplan says big basketball changes are incoming. For now, all we can do is pray.