Here's a New Song From the No Man's Sky Soundtrack

By Matt Wales on at

If you've been feeling a bit sad about the recent delay to No Man's Sky (although hopefully not murderously so), here's a tiny aural pick-me-up in the form of a brand-new tune from the game's forthcoming soundtrack.

It's called 'Red Parallax' and is by Sheffield band 65daysofstatic - who, in case you were wondering, have produced all the music for the game. If you fancy taking a punt on the soundtrack (AKA 'Music for an Infinite Universe'), it's already available to pre-order, and looks something like this:

65daysofstatic were also responsible for 'Debutante' and 'Supermoon', the songs that accompanied No Man's Sky's early, unforgettable trailers. Both are gorgeous little ditties and an excellent way to pleasure your ears. Allow me to pleasure them for you: