Shovel Knight Is Still Getting Tonnes Of Free Stuff

By Jason Schreier on at

Two years after blowing everyone away with the buttery retro platformer Shovel Knight, the developers at Yacht Club Games just won’t stop releasing free new stuff.

First there was the Plague Knight campaign, and now they’re showing off the playable version of Specter Knight, a shadowy villain who can climb and dash in mid-air. (Both Plague Knight and Specter Knight were bosses in the original Shovel Knight campaign.) The devs also say they’ve got a campaign for King Knight and a gender-swapping mode on the way, as well as a competitive multiplayer mode.

Also: it’s all free! Free! In the wake of recent Kickstarter disasters like the mediocre Mighty No. 9 and the disappearing Unsung Story, here’s a helpful reminder that crowdfunding has also led to some of the best games of this generation.