Fans Have Already Translated Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Symbol Language

By Julian Benson on at

Nintendo showed off the new Zelda for the first time three days ago and fans have already translated its alphabet, letting them decipher coded messages throughout the footage of the new game.

A user on the NeoGAF forums called RagnarokX has been sharing their work. They've managed to put together a map of symbols and line those up with letters in the English alphabet:


They've then taken these letters and started translating symbols wherever the footage is clear enough to make them out:

aytfGEg mfiDN0q laAale3  kwwoAXO

There are even in-jokes, like this computer terminal that has the text 'All your base are [belong to us]' scrolling across it, a reference to the meme spawned by the bad translation in the 1989 game, Zero Wing.


Now I know that all the symbols in Breath of the Wild can be translated into references and jokes it's going to be really hard not to transcribe every text I come across. It's a depressing thought that the first language I may learn will be ancient Hyrulean.