Final Fantasy's VR Demo is Terrible

By Patrick Klepek on at

It’s not shocking that Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy to virtual reality, but based on what they’re showing so far, there’s not much reason to get excited.

After Sony’s press conference, the company allowed people to play a number of the VR games that were announced at the event. Batman: Arkham VR, which I wrote about, looks promising. I can’t say the same for Final Fantasy.

The playable portion was exactly the same as what’s featured in the trailer. You enter into an arena, warp between a few pre-determined points, and shoot a monster. You fire at that monster for several minutes, and eventually it dies.

That’s it. There’s nothing more to it. It's, um, bad.

It doesn’t take meaningful advantage of virtual reality, and the mechanics aren’t satisfying. You hold down a button, point in the direction of the monster, and win! Perhaps this’ll change when Square Enix delivers the whole thing later this year, but if it’s more of what I played yesterday, temper your expectations.

In fact, the most interesting part of the demo was watching what people did when it was over. After the monster’s defeated, you have a chance to go for a ride with the game’s weirdly sexualised take on Cid. Would you be surprised if people decided to get really close to certain parts of her body? You should not.