Microsoft Trims Most Hyperbolic Line from Project Scorpio Reveal Video

By Julian Benson on at

Microsoft has released an edited version of its Project Scorpio reveal video that, rather disappointingly, cuts out its most hilariously hyperbolic line.

The video that closed out Microsoft's E3 press conference confirmed that there's a new version of the Xbox One in the works that's more powerful than the existing model and that will be released next year. The video didn't give away many actual details (other than that it would feature "6 teraflops of computing capability", be able to render 4k resolutions, and have an updated graphics card), instead favouring talking heads making empty statements.

Once the conference was over, Microsoft released the video in standalone form. Sadly, it turns out that this newest version has been shorn of its most wondrous line, the one that claimed Scorpio produced "the highest quality pixels that anybody has seen."

You can see it here in this recording of the full conference.

And Here is the edited video Microsoft released after the trailer:

I guess this means we can no longer expect the highest quality pixels anybody has seen.

Still, at least we have this: