You Can Already Play EA's New Indie Darling, Fe

By Julian Benson on at

During last night's EA press conference (that was totally a part of E3 even though it wasn't officially a part of E3) the publisher announced it was pouring money into a small developer's project, much like it had with Unravel the year before. The game is called Fe and sees you playing a young cub exploring a dark forest.

It looks quite lovely but you don't need to take the trailer for read: there's already a secret demo of the game out in the world that was released back in October.

Before Fe, developer Zoink! made a game called Zombie Vikings. Hidden in the undead Viking hack and slash was a single level from Fe.

Here's a playthrough of the level:

If you'd like to play it yourself you'll need to pick up a copy of the game and follow the instructions in the video below: