From Software has a New Dark Souls-style Game in the Works

By Matt Wales on at

Dark Souls might be over in its current form, if you choose to believe its creator Hidetaka Miyazaki (which I don't, because he's a cheeky scamp), but it looks like there's still a bit of life left in the series' enormously popular template.

Speaking in an interview with Japanese website 4gamer (as translated by Twitter user Xenosaga), Miyazaki has revealed more information on the three titles From Software currently has in the works.

One project is a new take on an older From franchise, with clues pointing toward a reboot of the legendary Armored Core series, the second is completely new IP which, according to Miyazaki, is "a little strange", and the third is an action RPG, similar to Dark Souls, with a dark fantasy setting.

As you can imagine, there's plenty of speculation around that last one, with many crossing their fingers and hoping for a Bloodborne 2 reveal at Sony's E3 media briefing later today. Personally, I'd happily take a remaster of From's superb (if increasingly clunky) Demon Souls too, which would certainly fit the bill of 'Dark Souls-style dark fantasy setting'.

If you want to check out the entire Miyazaki interview, I've conveniently and, at great personal effort, run it through Google translate for you. Please enjoy great insight from "the British High Mr. Miyazaki", alongside several thousand words of incomprehensible gibberish. Thanks Google!