Everything That Happened at Bethesda's E3 2016 Press Conference

By Keza MacDonald on at

After EA's press conference at 9pm last night, pre-E3 continued with Bethesda's show at the much less hospitable time of 3.20 in the morning. I'm not gonna lie, I am EXTREMELY grumpy that Bethesda is making me stay up until 4.30am, but let's hope something great will be announced to make it aaaaaall worthwhile.

Here's everything that happened.

-Looks like we're starting with... Quake. It's the 1990s again! We've got a trailer for Quake Champions, a new game from id. Unsurprisingly, it's a first-person multiplayer shooter for PC, and id promises "high-end performance", with unlocked frame rates. It features different characters with different skills to better cater to the ol' eSports crowd. Trailer:

-A brief detour as Pete Hines talks about The Elder Scrolls Legends, the free-to-play card game, which is currently in beta. It'll be coming to iPhone, Mac and Android later this year, and is already on PC. There's not anything massively interesting to say about it, but here's the opening cinematic.

-Bethesda isn't done with Fallout 4 yet. Todd Howard introduces a trailer for some forthcoming expansions which, as far as I can tell, will basically turn Fallout 4 into The Sims.

-Eyy, it's that Skyrim remaster, now called Skyrim Special Edition apparently, that was widely rumoured before the show. Looks pretty, don't it? Not sure if it looks pretty enough to persuade me to spend EVEN MORE hours in it, but I'm a sucker for these big fantasies. It'll include mod support on consoles and it's out October 28th.

-Someone from Arkane is here to talk about Dishono(u)red 2 (or who knows, maybe something else). Wait, it IS something else! Finally, it's Prey, which has been secretly in development for years now as Prey 2. Set on a space station in 2032, it's about a humanity-altering experiment gone wrong. Looks very different from the Prey 2 we last saw years ago.

-Some multiplayer improvements are coming to the new DOOM: new modes, including classic deathmatch, and a new DLC pack with new maps, a new demon, new armour and all that kinda thing. There's also a free demo for DOOM now, consisting of the first level. You can download that this week.

-Elder Scrolls Online now has 7 million players, apparently. It's launching in Japan soon. It's also getting a new Dark Brotherhood-themed expansion.

-Blink-182 are performing after the show for those in LA. What? Did I make that up? More relevantly: Bethesda is making VR stuff. There's DOOM, and... Fallout 4 in VR. Fallout 4 will be coming to HTC Vive in 2017.

-Looks like Dishonored 2 might be the last thing on the docket. Creative director Harvey Smith is showing off the game for the first time, and talking about the new protagonist, Emily Kaldwin, and new city, Karneca. Dat architecture! There were some story details, too, but I won't spoil 'em, just in case. We got a good long look at the game, which is out November 11th, and some pre-order details too. Here's a more digestible trailer.

And that's it! E3 Day Zero is done. We'll be back in action tomor... well, later today I guess. Until then!

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