A Game for Anyone Who Has Ever Wanted to Tend the Bar in a Cyberpunk City

By Julian Benson on at

I know, I know, another post about another cyberpunk bartender simulator. We're inundated with news about this bloated genre on an almost daily basis. But, for whatever reason, where the popularity of World War Two shooters and zombie games has risen and fallen, the cyberpunk bartender genre goes from strength to strength. Sure, there are worries that one day every single upcoming game will simulate a different bar in a different cyberpunk city but those worries have been there for years now and yet, year after year, nothing seems to slow the pace of successful cyberpunk bartender simulators.

So, what makes VA-11 Hall-A stand out from the crowd? Racist corgis for one thing:


Valhalla is a cocktail of game genres. It draws from visual novels, with each customer who visits your bar having a different story to tell. There's a healthy measure of Papers, Please, too, with you having to perform a mundane job (drink mixing) by following a complicated list of tasks. I've played a little of Valhalla in the past and keeping on top of a drinks order can be a real challenge, from tracking down the recipe to getting the right measures of ingredients and preparing them properly, there is a lot of room to mess up. And, if you do mess up then your relationship with the person/dog/thing at your bar can sour. And, on top of that you also get to manage and decorate your bar, so there's a dash of Animal Crossing for flavour.

The new trailer gives you a taste of what different things you'll get up to in Valhalla:

There is a Valhalla demo if you'd like to give an older build of the game a go ahead of its release on June 21st.