X-COM Creator is Making a New X-COM-Alike

By Julian Benson on at

Back in March, Julian Gollop, creator of X-COM and Chaos Reborn (which is one of the best strategy games of the past few years), began teasing his next project: Phoenix Point. Ahead of E3, Gollop has revealed that the game is his return to X-COM, the game that made his name, and he's released a screenshot and artwork that gives a sense of what he is going for.

In an email Gollop said that “Phoenix Point is an XCOM style of game with the modern presentation and tactical mechanics of the Firaxis reboot with an open world, strategic level reminiscent of the original X-COM."

The screenshot that came with the email gives a sense of just how similar Phoenix Point looks to Firaxis's XCOM:


This is a shot of XCOM 2:


That Phoenix Point screenshot suggests that aiming your shot at specific limbs and organs can disable the creature's abilities. Shooting off its claw takes away its close quarters attack while shooting it's right arm will disable its weapon. If Gollop is letting you get this granular with targeting I imagine this means enemies in Phoenix Point are significantly tougher than those in XCOM (not that they were exactly easy). You just don't need to be that granular with an enemy you can kill in a couple of shots.

Take a look at the artwork for the enemies, too:



Well, that gives a sense of just how big these creatures are:



Gollop is taking Phoenix Point to E3 this year and will be showing off more of it in action there.