Someone Has Made a Fully Functional Half-Life 2 Scanner Drone

By Julian Benson on at

Throughout City 17, the metropolis at the centre of Valve's Half-Life 2, were the scanners. These hovering security cameras would glide about the city taking photos over everyone they passed, tracking the city's citizens. It was one of the most Orwellian features of the game, the constant watchful eyes of the Combine.

Well, you can now be just as creeped out in real life, thanks to Valpushka. The designer has managed to build a physical chassis of the scanner and mount it onto a quadcopter drone:

Not only does it fly (which is seriously impressive, considering it is 80cm long and 55cm tall), but the front piece is able to move, and it's fitted with a flash that acts in much the same way as it does in Half-Life 2:

Apparently the whole thing took two months to make. The flash has since burned out but other wise it still flies.

With the scanner done and out the way, someone needs to step up and make Dog: