A Gorgeous Open World Filled With Players Who Want a Fight

By Julian Benson on at

The reveal trailer for Absolver reveals a stylish fighting game and hints at a take on the genre we don't often see.

Absolver drops you into a large world, as a prospect, a trainee Absolver. Your goal is to explore the world and learn new fighting styles and techniques, by duelling other players and AI, and to join the ranks of the secretive group of mask-wearing badasses, the Absolvers.

I'm getting a strong flavour of Overgrowth from Absolver. That, too, was a game that had fighting systems as complex as a fighting game but broke them out of the traditional side-on arenas and, instead, dropped you into a more open world where you could come across other players by chance. Absolver has a much stronger art direction, though. The game looks beautiful.

Just look at these screenshots:

Absolver screenshots devolver digital 2

Absolver screenshots devolver digital 3

Absolver screenshots devolver digital 4

Absolver screenshots devolver digital 7

The full details of how the fighting system will work is still being held back but you're able to switch between four different stances and pick and choose fighting styles and moves you've learned into your control scheme. This means you can go into each fight with character whose move set you've wholly chosen.

The trailer and screenshots also make clear that as well as one-on-one duels you can take part in three-on-three scuffles.

Absolver screenshots devolver digital 5

Absolver screenshots devolver digital 6

You'll fight against both humans and AI with the former feeding into your Absolver level (your aim is to join the ranks of a group called the Absolvers) and the latter dropping loot for you to kit yourself out in. When fighting the AI you'll want to team up with other players to have your best chance of surviving deep in the world's dungeons.

It sounds like, from the press release, that forming groups with other players will be less formal than in most multiplayer games. Rather than join a fixed party you will just decide to play together, following each other as long as you want. And, it sounds like there's nothing to stop you from betraying your short-lived friend.

Absolver is aiming for a release next year on PC (and potentially some of the consoles but the team isn't saying which) and we'll see in game footage next month, around E3 time. I'm really intrigued now as to how this game will play outside of snazzy trailers.