Planet Coaster's Alpha 2 Arrives with Landscaping, VFX and Sexy Paths

By Matt Wales on at

If you're a massive theme park sim fan like me, then you've doubtless got a very close eye on Frontier Development's hugely impressive Planet Coaster – assuming, of course, that you haven't already signed up for the game's public alpha.

Planet Coaster's pre-release phase is split up into several major milestone stages. Alpha 1 delivered a host of building tools that demonstrated the incredible creative freedom afforded by the game - and the Planet Coaster community's response was pretty remarkable.

Today, however, marks the release of Alpha 2, which adds a tonne of new features to the experience. Top of the pile are the powerful new landscaping tools, enabling you to bend and shape the very earth, wrenching up mountains or carving out tunnels to snugly fit the park of your dreams. These go hand-in-hand with Planet Coaster's new natural path system, designed to make your walkways just that little bit sexier.

Alpha 2 also delivers Planet Coaster's overhauled coaster-building system, which seeks to refine the one teased in the previous alpha build. You'll find other additions too, such as 360-degree rotation for more flexible building, working coaster station gates for added realism, new coasters and rides, and plenty more. There's even the beginnings of a visual effects system, enabling the placement of smoke, bubbles, confetti, fire and water jets to enhance your digital visitors' ride experience.

All in all, Alpha 2 is a bit of a whopper, and you can check out some of its highlights by scrutinising the videos festooned around this page.