Poll: Most Japanese Uni Students Haven't Played a Final Fantasy 

By Brian Ashcraft on at

In fact, 70.3 per cent of those who replied said they hadn’t.

NicoNico reports that MyNavi polled 401 male and female university students (200 men and 201 women) in Japan and asked them if they had ever played a game in the Final Fantasy series. And how did they reply?


119 students (29.7 percent)


282 students (70.3 percent)

What reasons did the students give for saying why they’d never played a Final Fantasy? Some include:

  • “Because it’s a genre I’m not interested in.”
  • “I’ve never really had any interest.”
  • “Because it doesn’t look fun.”
  • “Because I wasn’t allowed to play video games at home.”
  • “Because I don’t really play video games.”
  • “Because my parents were totally against video games. Personally, I really haven’t played that many video games.”
  • “I was interested but haven’t had the chance to buy one [a FF game].”
  • “I was a little interested, but it looks difficult, so I haven’t played it.”
  • “I don’t have a game console.”

Seventy per cent is a high proportion! But let’s not be negative. If you flip that, do you think thirty per cent of those polled saying they had played a Final Fantasy game is impressive?