The BBC Has Made a Documentary About The 'Metal Gear Man'

By Julian Benson on at

Last year we heard about how Konami had partnered up with designer-prosthetics maker Sophie de Oliveira Barata to make a new arm for James Young. It was to be styled after Venom Snake's own in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

Young had lost an arm and a leg in an accident on the London tube but had continued playing games with just one arm following the accident.

After Konami put out the news of its plan, the BBC began recording a documentary about the process of building Young his new arm.

You can see a trailer for Bodyhack: The Metal Gear Man below:

And you can watch the first part of the documentary here:

And part two here:

If I ever lost an arm, a Snake-style replacement would definitely be high on my list of wants. Although, I'd hope it would come with the rocket-powered fist add-on that you can unlock in Phantom Pain.