Nintendo Hopes to Have a Film Out Within the Next Three Years

By Matt Wales on at

In this bleakest of Nintendo winters, before the promise of a glorious NX spring, there's not a whole lot for Mario-nettes to get excited about.

Well, here's some news that might change all that, depending on your feelings toward a certain 1993 cinematic opus: Nintendo is looking to get back into the film business.

Before you're inadvertently triggered by memories of Dennis Hopper's pointy lizard tongue, however, you can relax: there's reason to believe that Nintendo fully intends to avoid another live-action Super Mario horror, or nauseating Pixels cameo.

bowser tongue

In an interview with Japanese news source Asahi Shimbun (as spotted by Nintendo Life), current Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has revealed that the company is still investigating films, with the intention being to develop features in-house, rather than license its IP out to external studios. Clearly, Kimishima didn't like Adam Sandler's efforts too much either.

Nintendo hopes to have something film-shaped ready for public consumption within the next two or three years. If we're taking bets, my money's on it having absolutely nothing to do with F-Zero.