Doom Has Some Cracking Easter Eggs

By Matt Wales on at

Bethesda's new take on Doom is, by all accounts, pretty damn fun. In fact, Jules has been so swept up in its gruesome cavalcade of gib-bursting mayhem that the last time we saw him, he'd turned into a big red face and was gently floating off down the corridor. Hopefully he'll snap out of it once he's finished up his review.

New Doom gets a lot of things right (and then promptly covers them all in bodily fluid), but one of its greatest strengths is its enthusiastic embracing of a simpler time in games. For a start, it's about as pure a shooter experience as you could possibly ask for. And then, of course, there's stuff like this.

Doom is positively heaving with this kind of celebratory hat-tip to the series' long and illustrious past; indeed, you'll find one classic Doom stage (culled from the original game and its revered sequel) hidden away in every level.

It doesn't stop there, however, and eagle-eyed players have already found a host of other cheeky retro easter eggs. Some of them are fairly direct nods to the series, such as this familiar bit of box art emblazoned across the wall.

Doom 2016 retro boxart

Source: Imgur/ThaNovaKiller

Or there's this solemn remembrance of the original Doom's fallen hero, found by blowing yourself up in any of the game's hidden classic areas.

In fact, his iconic mug appears all over, often in the most unlikely of places.

Doom 2016 doomguy

If Doom 3 is more your cup of tea, however (and who doesn't love a torch simulator), then you might recognise the mighty Soul Cube, now relegated to the position of Awkward Lump in Corner of Cargo Bay.

Doom 2016 soul cube

Source: Reddit/Maxt0r

Some references are a little more obscure, such as this remodelled Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 cabinet. Yup, that's an easter egg referencing another easter egg, this time from Doom 3. Things are starting to get meta.

Doom 2016 Super Turbo Turkey Blaster 3

Source: Reddit/Hunter2451

Thundering back even further along the gaming timeline, there's this appearance from Doom developer id's classic platform mascot Commander Keen. The years (and the rampaging demonic horde, presumably) haven't been too kind to the poor guy.

And for comparison's sake...

Commander Keen

There's another subtle Commander Keen reference elsewhere, in the form of this noodle box emblazoned with the majestic Dopefish. In case you're unfamiliar with Dopefish (shame on you), he first appeared as an enemy in Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle, and has since become a bit of an easter egg regular in numerous different games.

Doom 2016 Dopefish

Source: Imgur/ThaNovaKiller

Of course, why stop at Doom easter eggs when your publisher is Bethesda? Need a bit of Fallout in your first-person shooter, for instance? Then how about this?

And if you just can't resist the pull of a well-worn meme, then there's this guy wearing Skyrim's Dovahkiin helmet, and sporting a (shudder) arrow to the knee.

Doom 2016 arrow

Source: Reddit/BoldlyTheyRode

And finally, for the more wizened among us, a Terminator 2 reference so old-school, we stopped making it in 1992.

It's hard to disagree with the sentiment though, Arnie.