More Persona 5 Character and Plot Details are Out in the Wild

By Matt Wales on at

If you're anywhere near as excited about Persona 5 as Kotaku's Keza MacDonald is (and I quote, "I've already decided it's going to be the best thing"), then it's reasonable to assume that you'll take all the Persona 5 news that you can get. Luckily for you, then, there's a fair bit to go around today.

Following on from last week's wonderful new trailer (which you can see in translated form below), Persona 5's director, Katsura Hashino, has been talking to Famitsu magazine, revealing more information about the typically idiosyncratic J-RPG's sprawling plot and cast.

Firstly, there are new details to be gleaned regarding Persona 5's 16-year-old unnamed protagonist - i.e. you. Despite your quiet demeanour, you're bit of a juvenile delinquent at heart. As you start the game, and begin a new term at Syujin High School, you're on probation, having been arrested for inuring a man that made unwanted advances toward a woman.

Persona 5's mysterious Velvet Room, a recurring location in the series, now takes the form of a prison, guarded by twins Justine and Caroline - an obvious manifestation of the protagonist's fears about the future.

persona 5

Other newly-revealed characters include the ultra-focussed Makoto Niijima, a third-year pupil and president of the student council at Syujin High School, Futaba Sakura, a gifted computer programmer who finds it difficult to socialise with other students after she's involved in an unspecified incident, and, finally, third-year student Haru Okumura, the outgoing daughter of a wealthy business owner.

All three new characters have their own unique starter Personas; Makoto Niijima's exclusive Persona is a motorbike named 'Joanna', Haru Okumara's 'Milady' is modelled after the three musketeers and Futaba Sakura begins the game with the Necronomicon.

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As in previous Persona games, events will unfold over the course of one school year, in which you're able to build relationships with your class mates, take part-time jobs, go on trips and indulge in club activities such as swimming.

That's just one half of the game, however, with Persona 5's other, dungeon-crawling element taking place in a mysterious world known as the 'Palace' - a location that represents the warped minds of the adults back in the real world, and which the students can access via an in-game phone app called 'Isekai Navi'.

Persona 5 is set to release on PlayStation 3 and 4 in Japan on September 15. Sadly, there's no word on a European release date at present, so I've posted a ten minute version of the game's funky-as-hell battle theme to cheer us up instead.