Turrican 2's Soundtrack is Getting the Symphonic Treatment

By Julian Benson on at

It's 25 years since Turrican 2, the sequel to the Metroid-inspired shooter, was released on the Amiga. It was one of the first game from Factor 5, the studio that went on to make Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for the N64, and is well loved by Amiga fans. As strong as the game itself was, it's perhaps better known for its soundtrack, composed by Chris Huelsbeck.

I confess, I hadn't come across Turrican before today, I was but a wee bairn when the original games were released, but have a listen to the game's soundtrack:

Four years ago, back in April 2012, Huelsbeck ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to assemble a Turrican soundtrack anthology. It pulled together the soundtracks from all three of the games, seeing them rerecorded at a higher quality, and, in the case of some tracks, Huelsbeck worked with an orchestra to record full orchestral renditions of the classic chiptune music.

Today, Huelsbeck launched a new campaign. This time, to mark the 25th anniversary of Turrican 2, he plans on having an orchestra record a version of the entire soundtrack.

If Huelsbeck can get the funds then he's got the FILMharmonic Orchestra on standby to record the tracks, ready to have the recordings pressed and ready to ship in December.  The orchestra (despite its name) is no stranger to recording game scores as they were used to record The Elder Scrolls Online, Civilization: Beyond Earth and Halo Wars.

If you're a Turrican fan then you may find the physical rewards a little too tempting for your wallet's own good. Huelsbeck has commissioned illustrators to produce images inspired by the game's art to be packaged as prints with the deluxe edition of the album:



You can read more about the project over on its Kickstarter page and you've until the 28th to decide whether you want to back it.