Metal Gear Solid 5 is Getting a Fulton Cannon

By Julian Benson on at

Konami has published a list of what's coming in this month's update to Metal Gear Solid 5. May's focus is updating the forward operating base (FOB) side of things, with new gear for your guards to trip up players who infiltrate your base and new tools for the attackers, too.

Since Metal Gear Solid launched, the FOBs have extended the life of the game. They're where you research new gear and, later in the game, where you can develop nukes. One of the joys of the FOB is that, as well as managing your own base, you can infiltrate the bases of other people online and nick their stuff. Of course, other players can do this to you, too. Now nearly a year since Metal Gear Solid launched, a lot of the dedicated players have mastered the ins and outs of base infiltration and have some extremely high level and well-defended FOBs of their own.

Hence this new gear from Konami.

The stand out bit of kit in the new game is a little genius but may be overpowered to play with. It's a Fulton cannon. One of the best things about MGS 5 when it first launched was the Fulton airlift, the little balloon you could attach to things that would then be scooped up by an awaiting helicopter. Now, instead of needing to sneak up to your target and place the Fulton balloon, you can fire one from a distance with the FB MR R-L FLTN Falkenberg Multi-Role Recoilless Rifle (though I think I'll just call it the Fulton Cannon)


The Fulton cannon will certainly change how people play online. I imagine the same challenges remain – where defenders can shoot a balloon before the thing it's attached to is pulled away – but now you don't need to stealth your way to the thing you want to steal, which was often the biggest challenge.

The Fulton cannon is not the only new bit of gear:

SNEAKING SUIT Security Guard Stealth Camo[★9~★11]

This security feature is added to sneaking suit and battle dress uniforms of Grades 9, 10, or 11. When your security guards spot an intruder, they will activate temporary stealth camouflage and vanish from sight! Add a stealthy surprise to the defenses of your FOB.

UA-DRONE Battery Vaporizer-Equipped UAV[★9~★11]

This security feature is added to UAVs of Grades 9, 10, or 11. The UAV carries a compact microwave emitter that disables batteries in the surrounding area. Knock out the electronics of intruders into your FOB!

FOM DECOY Dummy Field of Movement Emitter[★5~]
Jams the search capabilities of an FOB defender's Intel Team, showing a false FOM prediction where the emitter is thrown.

TORNADO-6 Revolver[★3~]
Ocelot's revolver of choice. Firing at solid surfaces such as walls causes a ricochet that may hit nearby enemies.

UN-AAM-NL Non-Lethal Machine Gun
A general-purpose 5.56mm machine gun of European manufacture, specially modified to fire rubber bullets.

It's not just new gear, a string of new features are being added, too.

You can now send in a wave of troops ahead of your own assault, they will try and thin out the security devices and defending guards, making your infiltration easier. If Konami doesn't get this right then I can see fans getting quite annoyed with a feature that lets players essentially play your base on easy mode. What would be cool to see, though, is a squad of elite troops joining you in the attack, letting you feel like part of a squad.

There are also new set of daily leagues are being added, these will run along side the weekly leagues already in place. Konami is also adding new skills into the game that your soldiers can acquire.

You can read about all the additions in the May update post.