That Rainbow Six Siege DLC You Really Wanted is Out Next Week

By Matt Wales on at

If you've been enjoying Rainbow Six Siege (and that's perfectly okay, no problem there) but have managed to wear February's Operation Black Ice DLC down to a feeble nub already, there's excellent news for you and your similarly-minded friends.

Ubisoft has revealed that Rainbow Six Siege's second batch of DLC - titled Operation Dust Line - will release for computers and calculators on May 11. It's set to add two new Navy SEALs operators - Valkyrie and Blackbeard - and will take the first-person shooty-banger to the Middle East.

Additionally, Ubisoft has announced that you can watch a Twitch on May 7 if you'd like more information about the DLC. Quite why they couldn't just tell us now though, I have no idea.

For those of an impatient disposition, there's 12-seconds-worth of Operation Nose Candy footage out in the wild already, specifically in the tweet above. Click now and forever hold your piece.