You Can't Buy the Remastered Call of Duty Without Infinite Warfare

By Julian Benson on at

The new Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare, has a particularly attractive bundled add-on in the form of a remastered version of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Frustratingly, there's no way of getting the remastered release without buying the pricey new game.

Released back in 2007, Modern Warfare was a huge step for the already excellent shooter series. It took it out of the Second World War and into modern times, while also giving Infinity Ward the freedom to create more original stories. While parts of the Modern Warfare series have certainly improved since 2007, the original was a high watermark. A remastered release that refills the game's multiplayer servers and ups the fidelity of the excellent campaign is very welcome.

According to an FAQ on Activision's support site:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.32.32 am

Those legacy edition's aren't cheap. At GAME, the Legacy Edition and Legacy Pro cost £80 and £110, respectively.

Maybe after release Activision will start selling the game separately, but for now this looks like the only way to get hold of the newly textured and lit classic shooter.

What's intriguing about Activision's choice is that by tying the two games together, while giving a way to buy Infinite Warfare on its own, is that the publisher is clearly using the remastered Modern Warfare to buoy sales of the new game, which could suggest that it is not too confident in the selling power of Infinite Warfare on its own.