The Best Dark Souls 3 GIFs we Found After A Cursory Search on the Internet

By Matt Wales on at

If quality could be measured by the number of GIFs that something inspires, then cats are empirically the best thing in the universe. They, then, would closely be followed by two stubbly men from a TV show I've never heard of making eyes at each other on Tumblr, and, somewhere quite a lot further down the list, would be Dark Souls 3.

Since the game came out earlier this week, people have been flooding the internet with GIFs and videos of their greatest Dark Souls 3 experiences; some capturing moments of sublime achievement, others immortalising improbably good fortune, with yet more recording cataclysmic failure for time immemorial.

Here are some of the best I've seen so far.

Starting as we mean to go on, here's a little gem from Twitter, and a gentle reminder that Dark Souls doesn't like a smug bastard.

Meanwhile, watch as Reddit user RandumbStoner finds hitherto undiscovered uses for apparently benign gestures.

YouTube user Strider's moment of experimental bravado proves to be a little less successful, however.

Elsewhere, here's a fine example of that famous Dark Souls community spirit in action; amazing butt ahead.

And here's a perfect illustration of the old Souls axiom, 'If nothing's tried to kill you for ten seconds, something's about to try and kill you', courtesy of Kulababy 101.

Which leads us onto the second rule of Dark Souls: 'always watch your back'. As Reddit user biteme27 learns, you ignore this at your peril.

To reiterate, Reddit user khollen, that's 'always watch your back'.

Oh, and as Reddit user anguishxiii ably demonstrates, you should probably watch your front too.

You know what, Reddit user theataraxian? Just watch everything at all times.

Often, you'll hear Souls fans saying stuff like, "The best thing about Dark Souls is that it's hard, but always fair". As ONI Spartan Locke can attest, this is total bollocks.

Somewhere, Redditor GGRex, the cantankerous old gods of Dark Souls are laughing.

Finally, here's a bonus GIF from Reddit user Tostecles, whose inaugural Dark Souls 2 battle pretty much encapsulates every single fight I've ever had in the series. Bless you, Tostecles, bless you.

And finally, from me and Reddit user LiLZ906, GOODBYEEEEEEE.