Officially Licensed Pikachu Lingerie is a Thing That You Can Buy With Your Money Now

By Matt Wales on at

Fetishising Pokémon isn't exactly a new trend (I know at least two people who regularly enjoy having sex in their Pikachu onesies), but it's not something that's been officially sanctioned by The Pokémon Company all that often before.

In slightly surprising news, then, The Pokémon Company has teamed up with Japanese lingerie specialist Yummy Mart to develop a range of Pokémon-themed panties and other wearable paraphernalia. The clothing line is, of course, part of the franchise's substantial 20th anniversary celebrations – one that hasn't quite extended to branding up boring drills, emotions and the actual air around us yet, but give it time.

yummy mart pokemon collection

As it happens, Yummy Mart's Pokémon Collection, originally spotted by Shacknews, is actually pretty neat (note that this link could be considered unsafe for work, depending how your work feels about midriffs). It features a variety of stylish items, including a hooded Pikachu poncho and eye mask, a nifty 025 vest and Pokeball undershorts.

Sadly, however, the bra and pantie combo fashioned entirely from Pikachu heads is apparently a limited item and not for sale.