A Dark Souls Expert Points Out 15 Hidden Mechanics in Dark Souls 3

By Keza MacDonald on at

Even though Dark Souls 3 has been out for quite some time in Japan, we are all still very much at the beginning of the long, exciting process of teasingĀ out its secrets. Some prominent members of the Dark Souls community had a bit of a head start, though, so why not absorb their wisdom?

VaatiVidya - famed for his Dark Souls lore videos - has made a video pointing out 15 useful hidden mechanics in Dark Souls 3, which any player can make use of. For instance: you can hold down on the D-pad to automatically switch your item slot back to Estus, you can press R3 for a preview of what armour will look like on you, and having different covenants equipped changes both your appearance and the rewards you get for invading.

He also explains the Hollowing system, which has been puzzling me for days. It's a mostly spoiler-free video, save a few small details about various quest lines.