Mario! The Musical is Playing for One Night Only

By Julian Benson on at

I can imagine, like me, you've spent years pondering why there isn't more of a video game musical scene. Where's Sonic's Soprano, the Charizard Can-can, the Samus Aran Aria? Well, thankfully, one theatre troupe has collected together to rectify this oversight: as part of the London Games Festival, Ninfriendos Theatre Company is putting on Mario! The Musical.

"It came together while the cast were rehearsing for another show–Jesus Christ Superstar," Jim Burrows, one of the group's founders, tells me in an email, recalling how they came up with the idea for a Mario-themed musical.

"We thought it would be fun to put a parody show together based on Mario songs and characters, but to do it as a complete subversion of the usual story. Mario is kidnapped this time and Peach is the one having to rescue him (with a reluctant Luigi tagging along behind)."

The London performance won't be the first time the show is put on–it previously headlined at Nottingham's Gamecity Festival. Though since then the script has new songs and new jokes.

Burrows sent through a pair of videos that shows off what you can expect if you go along on Saturday. There's Wario and Waluigi's duet:

And, the all important, 'Please Don't Sue Us':

As well as the two above you'll be able to hear 'Let's-A Go!' (which Burrows describes as "think of Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent but less sexually charged and with Italian plumbers". 'Luigi's Lament', and 'Kong Song'. Not to mention, a song by Toad that's inspire by Les Miserables' 'One Day More'.

Mario! The Musical is only doing one performance, this Saturday at 7.30pm in Stratford, London, so if you're interested in going you should hop to it before it sells out.