Play Through a Film Set in an Underground Bunker at the End of the World

By Julian Benson on at

The Bunker is another game set to join the ranks of the FMV revival, along with last year's Her Story and Contradiction. This time, though, you'll be pointing and clicking your way through a horror story:

Set in two time periods, 1986 and 2016, The Bunker is set in a world where bombs were dropped in the '80s and ruined life on the surface. Only the people in a secret military base below the surface survived. You follow John, who was born into the bunker on the day the first bombs fell.

The game's story will carry you through the two time periods: John's childhood. and the events that led to him being the last person alive in lonely sanctuary 30 years later.

Last week, I talked to The Bunker's writer and director Allan Plenderleith about how the film style works as a game. While odd to look at first, the game's story is linear. It's on you to solve puzzles in-shot and to react to quick time events to advance the story. It's much like a traditional adventure game in that way, even if the visual style throws you at first.

Using film had its advantages, too. The team was able to create all the footage it needed for The Bunker extremely quickly, shooting for just 15 days. And, of course, it looks great because the team was made up of experienced film technicians who could dress the set, light it, and film much as they would any other project.

I'm fascinated to see how the final game will look. On first viewing of the trailer I wasn't sure what I was watching; it didn't seem like a game trailer so much as a short for a horror movie. If that level of quality persists throughout the game it could be an arresting but engaging kind of storytelling.