Hey Let's 3D Print Cartridges For a 26-Year-Old Console!

By Ian Dransfield on at

The Amstrad GX4000 was released in 1990, and had died quite the death by 1991. It had just 27 games released for it. And yet there’s a burgeoning retro/emulation scene popping up around the console, including 3D printing of the console’s cartridges.

As covered over on All3DP, the Amstrad CPC enthusiasts of the web have come together to convert a load of the CPC’s games – not the GX4000 – to be used on cartridge. It’s cross-compatible, see.

Of course, plugging a circuit board into your console is barbaric and terrible, so Gerald of the CPCWiki community put out a template for GX4000 cartridges. A great idea, and a great way to utilise 3D printing.

Oh, cartridges, you so pretty. We won’t be seeing much 3D printing of compact discs/DVDs any time soon. Sigh.