Final Fantasy 15 Needs to Sell 10 Million Copies to Succeed

By Keza MacDonald on at

As has been abundantly evident from the last 24 hours' worth of Final Fantasy 15 activity, during which Square-Enix unveiled not only new details on the game but a custom-made Audi, an extremely expensive-looking feature film, an anime series and more, a lot of money has been spent on the latest entry in this long-running series. It begs the question: just how much does FFXV need to sell to recoup that evidently enormous investment?

At a press conference this morning, director Hajime Tabata answered that question: it needs to sell 10 million copies, worldwide, over entire the life-span of the game. For context, that's more than any Final Fantasy game has ever sold except Final Fantasy VII, almost twice as much as The Witcher 3 has sold so far, and twice as much as Metal Gear Solid V has sold to date.