Square Enix Celebrates Tomb Raider's 20th With Charity Drive

By Ian Dransfield on at

Square Enix has announced one of a few celebrations tied into Tomb Raider and Lara Croft’s 20th anniversary, which is... oh god it’s this year I’m so old.

This particular party involves a charity drive, encouraging everyone to donate whatever they can to Gamechanger Charity – a non-profit organisation that helps children with life-threatening illnesses, donates gaming gifts to hospitals and offers monetary support to families in need of it. Which is nice.

But Squenix knows we all want things these days, so there’s a bit of an offer on the go: if you donate at least $1 (70p), you’ll get yourself a digital download code for 2013’s reboot of Tomb Raider.

Those donating $20 (£14) or more will be entered into a prize draw for other, fancier things – Crystal Dynamics ‘swag bags’ and other special items.

Huzzah for good causes and all that jazz.