Watching All 90 Levels of Super Mario Bros 3 at Once is Mesmerising

By Ian Dransfield on at

Speedruns are passé. These days if it’s not a collection of 90 speedruns all on one screen at the same time, I’m not interested. What’s that you say? Someone has done just that with Super Mario Bros 3? Oh, well there you go.

This is by Viktor Bohush, who as well as putting all the levels together like this also decided to leave the horrifying audio of all levels mixed together in. My ears, they burn.

Regardless, it’s gorgeous and I love it.

Those of you with eyes and a proclivity for maths will see there’s actually only 88 boxes on the grid, but that’s been taken into account, as Bohush writes:

“Levels Hands 1, Hands 2 and Hands 3 from World 8 have been merged to better fill the grid.”

Bohush has a few other videos in the same vein, my personal favourite being Contra, because Contra is ace. Go check them out if you’ve got a spare minute or five.

[thanks, Nintendo Life]