PSVR on PC? Not Out of the Question, According to Sony

By Ian Dransfield on at

An interview with Masayasu Ito, executive vice president at Sony, over on Nikkei has raised hopes for PlayStation VR making its way to the PC – eventually.

As translated over on Eurogamer, Ito said while Sony has nothing to show ‘at the moment’:

“The possibility exists since the PlayStation 4 shares many of its parts with the PC. At the moment, we're concentrating on games so I have nothing to announce at this point, but we're looking to expand in a variety of areas.”

As pointed out by the brains at Digital Foundry, PSVR’s external hardware configuration would require additional configuration on the PC’s side – a piece of software, say – as well as functionality with the PS Camera and Move. So it’s not quite as simple as plugging one into a PC and hacking a driver or two.

For the time being this is a PlayStation-only project, but it could well end up being the mid-level option for those craving VR on PC.

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