Act It Out: A Game of Charades Adds Live Show Integration; Now Has a Point

By Ian Dransfield on at

Look, you can play Charades in your house, for free, without any kind of game element backing it up. But one, you don’t get any fancy graphics and stuff if you do that, and two, if you buy Act it Out! A Game of Charades to plug the ‘one’ gap, it only costs you just under six quid.

But it was still relatively pointless a purchase – that is until a new update hit, which adds live shows to the game. This free update brings a bunch of new elements that cater specifically for streaming Act it Out to other people around the world. As in, you can now play Charades with everyone in the world.

It’s a simple idea that’s made a thoroughly pointless game one that’s actually damn tempting now. I’d expect more people to be playing the game on Twitch in coming months, because everyone knows and loves (or hates, naturally) Charades.

You can get Act it Out on the PS Store right now, for £5.79. It’s better than playing Charades on Twitch without any graphical interactions.