Ubisoft and Fans Pay Respects to the Bullet King

By Julian Benson on at

At the start of the week Ubisoft put out a patch that, among other things, nerfed a technique players had been using to farm high level items. Since then, players and the publisher have been paying tribute to the Bullet King.

Players found that by respawning at a particular safe house in the city you could repeatedly kill a boss called the Bullet King — you would run from the house to his location, kill him, and then let his lackeys kill you. By the time you respawned so had he and you could then repeat the process over and over, each time grabbing the high level gear he would drop when he died.

As well as Ubisoft's portrait to the king, StarFire013 went out to the spot where you'd find the Bullet King in The Division's Manhattan and placed a poem dedicated to the boss:


Spires of light

Purple and gold,

Twice every minute

It never got old.


R.I.P. B.K.

That's the first time I can think of seeing memorials to a patch change.