Yakuza 0 Confirmed for an English Language Release in 2017

By Ian Dransfield on at

Sega has confirmed Yakuza 0 will be making its way to Europe in early 2017, both digitally and in boxed form for PS4. Exciting!

The Japanese gangster epic tells the prequel tale to all the other Yakuza titles – except for Yakuza Dead Souls, because that was a silly zombie game.

In Yakuza 0 players see the rise of Kazuma Kiryu, as well as being able to play as Majima Goro, meaning you can indeed BE Goro. Just not the Mortal Kombat Goro.

You can find out more information about Yakuza 0 in a piece we ran on its announcement, right here. There's also a quick explainer video of the series, if you feel the need to catch up on all of it without playing: check the spoilers here.