Star Wars: Battlefront's First Major DLC Goes Live Today, Changes Listed

By Ian Dransfield on at

Star Wars: Battlefront's major Outer Rim patch is now live on all formats, demanding an extra eight gigabytes of hard drive space for its rather extensive patch/update/DLC.

You'll be waiting until 1pm for the actual DLC on PC, and 2pm on PS4 and 3pm on Xbox One. I'm genuinely surprised Sony hasn't been bleating on about 'console exclusivity (for an hour)'.

The list of changes is vast and goes from big things to tiny things – you can see them all here on the official changes list.

There are things like changes to the menus, allowing you to get into games quicker, spectator mode, better balancing, an increased rank cap (to 60), along with other additions.

These include Hutt Contracts, allowing you to earn star cards and weapons in a new way, the DL-18 and DLT-19X shooty-sticks have been added and oh god there are so many tweaks and changes and updates here's a trailer of the DLC instead of a list of things:

Best of all though, you can do a combat roll now. Combat rolls make everything better.