Resident Evil's 20th Anniversary Celebrations Kick Off With a Producer Interview

By Ian Dransfield on at

Capcom has kicked off the 20th anniversary celebrations of Resident Evil with a producer interview – and there's more to come, apparently. Also Resi's 20 years old, and now my brain has melted a bit.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi has worked on almost every main Resident Evil game, apart from Resi 5, so who better to chat with about the series' 20th anniversary than him? Go, video!

Resident Evil was first released March 22 in Japan – though we didn't get it in Europe until August, because why the hell not, eh? Nevertheless, Capcom has kicked off the celebrations.

The double-decade birthday for the zombie-shuffling series is going to have its party going on throughout the year, with Capcom promising there'll be more surprises through the year.

Are we finally getting the main Resident Evil entry to the series starring everyone's favourite gilet-sporting man mountain, Barry Burton? He's proven himself in Revelations 2 and Gaiden, so I'd say: yes.

In other Old Resident Evil news, do you remember when George Romero was going to do a Resi film?