A Brief Guide to Every Oculus Rift Launch Game

By Keza MacDonald on at

Oculus Rift comes out on March 28th, along with a pretty impressive line-up of 30 games made by developers who've taken a brave early bet on virtual reality. This here is a list of every Oculus Rift launch game, along with US prices and a brief explanation of what they are. For more detailed impressions, have a look at the 7 best launch-window games I've played. We'll be adding in UK pricing as soon as we have that info.

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Helpfully, many of these are available already for Gear VR, if you're not rich or convinced enough to be buying an Oculus Rift headset at launch but still want a taste of virtual reality.

Oculus Rift Launch Games


Adrift - Like experiencing the opening scenes of the film Gravity. $19.99
Adventure Time: Magic-Man’s Head Games - Action-platformer that's like living inside Adventure Time for a little while. $4.99
Airmech: Command - Comfortable top-down RTS. $39.99
Albino Lullaby - Horror game with psychedelic colours. $9.99
Audio Arena - Cool motion-controlled rhythm game that plays a bit like Hohokum. $9.99
Project CARS - Extraordinarily detailed racing game. $49.99
Chronos - Third-person action-adventure with a slight Souls flavour. $49.99


Darknet - Good-looking hacking game. $9.99
Dead Secret - Creepy murder mystery. $14.99
Defense Grid 2 - VR tower defence. $29.99
Dreadhalls - EXTREMELY scary horror game. $9.99
Elite Dangerous - The gold standard in authentic-feeling space games. $59.99
Esper 2 - Really cool telekineses puzzle adventure. $9.99
Eve Valkyrie - Space dogfighting from the EVE Online people. Bundled with pre-orders, or $59.99

kumaFly to KUMA

Fly to KUMA - Lemmings, but with adorable bears wearing jackets. $14.99
EVE Gunjack - be the gunner on a spacecraft. $9.99
Herobound SC - Simple VR RPG with dungeon-crawling and combat. $9.99
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - frantically try to defuse a bomb despite unhelpful instructions. $14.99
Lucky’s Tale - Adorable third-person platformer starring a fox. Bundled
Omega Agent - Really fun secret-agent simulator with jetpacks. $14.99
Radial G - Basically Wipeout in VR, and as good as that sounds. $24.99


Rooms - Cool-looking atmospheric puzzle game. $14.99
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR - Basically air hockey. $9.99
Smashing the Battle - Arena combat. $19.99
Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Spooky first-person adventure, now in VR. No price yet.
Vektron Revenge - VR's Geometry Wars. $9.99
VR Tennis Online - Cartoony Virtua Tennis-style fun in third-person. $24.99
Pinball FX2 - Pretty self-explanatory. $14.99
BlazeRush - Pretty top-down arcade racer. No price yet.
Windlands - Basically a Tarzan simulator with floating islands. $19.99

All of these will be out on March 28th, same time as the Oculus Rift headset itself.

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Launch Window Oculus Rift Games

These will all be out sometime in the Oculus Rift's "launch window" - so, probably before the end of the summer. No price details on these yet, but we'll add them in with definite release dates when we get them.

Dead & Buried - Sharpshooting from behind cover; requires a lot of movement.

contrapFantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption - Colourful physics adventure.
The Climb - Breathtaking climbing experience. $49.99
I Expect You to Die - Spy-themed puzzle game.
Job Simulator - Fun, silly minigame collection.
Rock Band VR - Rock Band, but in first-person.
VR Sports - Hockey, baseball, American football, baseball.

HVS_SentryAttacksDamaged Core

Damaged Core - You are a virus taking control of various armed robots.
Dragon Front - Lane-based fantasy card-game. Free to play.
Eagle Flight - Competitive or explorative flying in an abandoned city.
Edge of Nowhere - Horror-tinged survival adventure.