PlayStation VR Coming in October for £349 [Update: Closer to £390)

By Keza MacDonald on at

Update (22:00): Shortly after their presentation, Sony dropped the other foot, revealing that the PlayStation Camera—which they say is required for PSVR—won’t be included. They retail for just under £40.

Original post follows:

The PlayStation VR will be out in October, Sony has announced at a press conference at GDC.

It will be $399, £349, 399 euro - much cheaper than its competitors, especially considering that it does not need a £1000+ PC to run it.

Here are the headset's hardware specs:


Not all of the VR demos we've played over the past couple of years have been turned into full games. Sony has 230 different developers creating games for its VR tech. Showcased games included RIGS, Headmaster, Psychonauts, Wayward Sky, EVE Valkyrie, The Playroom, 100ft Robot Golf, and Rez Infinite. 50 games are expected to launch between October and the end of the year. EA and Lucasfilm also announced that Star Wars: Battlefront will have some sort of VR integration.


Andrew House, Sony's head honcho, also noted that the PS4 has sold 36 million units already, making it the fastest-selling PlayStation. That is 36 million potential VR converts. Even if the headset still looks a little bit goofy.