First Footage of System Shock Remake is Suitably Creepy

By Julian Benson on at

Night Dive has released the first footage of its System Shock remake in action and it looks perfect. It's captured that creeping dread of the original, with every environment being filled with lit computer panels and glowing buttons but none of them managing to clear the rooms' shadows:

Something about the shaders also gives everything a faint sheen; it makes the environment seem like everything's covering in a thin film of water vapour (or sweat), making the world seem much more claustrophobic – almost like it's all taking place in a submarine.

Night Dive is aiming to release the remake on PC and Xbox One, I'm hoping the gap between the first System Shock and the new System Shock (which has Warren Spector on board!) isn't too wide because I want a week of just sinking back into the series.