No Man's Sky Has a Lovely Collector's Edition

By Julian Benson on at

I'm not normally tempted by collector's editions – I've nowhere to put the statuettes, steel game cases are just going to clutter up the place, and I already have enough T-shirts to clothe me into my 40s. But I may need to make an exception for the No Man's Sky 'Explorer's Edition'.

It's not cheap, coming in at $150 (around £105) but it comes with a gorgeous, 8-inch metal model of the game's spaceship. As well as the model there's a sheet of decals that you can use to decorate it with insignias and a paint job that you want.

I've little time for statues but a little toy spaceship for my desk is sorely tempting.

As well as the model you get yourself a pin with the game's logo emblazoned on it and a little backdrop to make a diorama with your ship. Oh, and a copy of the game of course.


As well as the Explorer's Edition, Iam8bit is producing a double vinyl release of the game's soundtrack:


It looks even nicer when you open it:


I might need to keep my wallet hidden until after No Man's Sky releases in June. Especially after reading what Keza had to think about it.