What Grand Theft Auto 3 Looked Like on the Drawing Board

By Richard Eisenbeis on at

Today Tokyo saw the opening of Game On, an exhibition showcasing the history of video games and exploring the question, “why are video games so interesting?” One exhibit is a recreation of the planning board used to visually plot out the missions of PS2 classic Grand Theft Auto 3.

What Grand Theft Auto III Looked Like on the Drawing Board

Each of the three whiteboards represents one of the game’s three main islands. The post-it notes represent the game’s various mission chains.

  • Green: Quest givers
  • Yellow: Quests
  • Dark yellow: What the attached quest will teach the gamer how to do
  • Pink: Missions rewards
  • Orange: Mission chains unlocking (or finishing with lasting consequences)
  • Blue: New character introductions

Here’s each island’s board close up. (Click the image to enlarge.)

1 Industrial: “Portland” Mission Board (Top)

2 Industrial: “Portland” Mission Board (Bottom)

3 Commercial: “Staunton Island” Mission Board (Top)

4 Commercial: “Staunton Island” Mission Board (Bottom)

5 Suburbia “Shoreside Vale” Mission Board (Top)

6 Suburbia “Shoreside Vale” Mission Board (Bottom)

The Game On exhibition will continue its run at the Miraikan in Tokyo until May 30, 2016. Ticket information can be found here.