Remedy Has Trademarked 'Alan Wake's Return'

By Julian Benson on at

Remedy may be hard at work on Quantum Break but it looks like it's spooling up for a return to Alan Wake after it releases. A new EU filing spotted by ekim over on Neogaf shows that on February 23rd Remedy Entertainment applied to trademark Alan Wake's Return:

alan wakes return trademark filing alan wake 2 remedy entertainment

The owner ID matches the filings for Max Payne, the original Alan Wake, Death Rally — Remedy's mobile game — and the Bright Falls webisodes Remedy released back in 2012.

In June last year Network Solutions LLC registered the domain The company is a proxy that Remedy has used in the past to register its other sites anonymously, suggesting it is the developer that is behind the site.

'Return' is the last thing seen in the second episode of Alan Wake's DLC, it's the title of a new manuscript, the sequel to 'Departure', Wake's story that drives the action of the original game.

It would certainly make sense that this would be the basis of a sequel — something Remedy has planned on making for years. Hell, it even started work on an Alan Wake 2, though scrapped it to work on Quantum Break with Microsoft:

Maybe Remedy will open up about Alan Wake's Return after Quantum Break ships in April.