Runescape Spin-Off Gets Open Beta in March

By Ian Dransfield on at

After a successful closed beta period, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is coming back with a more welcoming open beta, which we can all get involved in.

From March 23 the open beta will bring new legends, skills, modes and all sorts of other things that I'm just going to cut and paste here:

  • More Legends: Two new playable Legends will emerge with Venescula the Vampyre entering the fray as Chronicle’s fifth playable character, bringing 30+ new cards and a brand new way to play with her – blood will be spilt! The sixth Legend to be introduced is Morvan, the greatest Slayer Master that players can lead through his own monstrous style of questing.

  • Dungeoneering: A new mode that tasks players with creating a drafted deck and battling their way through ever increasing PvP challenges. Draft your way to victory in a quest for Coins, Gem Shards and Platinum.

  • Skilling: Core to the wider RuneScape experience is Skilling, and Chronicle will continue that legacy by introducing its own system. Every action performed in Chronicle will grant experience points in one of the game’s skills which will then lead to some juicy customisation unlocks.

  • Legend Customisation: Players will finally be able to make their Legend their own with Chronicle’s first collection of skins. These are earned by levelling up a Legend, or unlocking them within the Chronicle Store. With the resulting outfits, players will be able to customise their Legend and face their rival in style.

  • Leaderboards: It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts. Right? Screw that! Leaderboards will shine a light on those epic players that make up the best of the Bronze, Silver & Gold leagues. Every victory takes you one step closer to the top.

  • New environments - The Wilderness Crater & Barrows: Not one, but two brand new locations will be bursting through the pages of Chronicle in Open Beta adding some fire and brimstone to your adventures.

You can find more details over on the Chronicle site.