Dark Souls Officially Confirmed for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

By Ian Dransfield on at

Bandai Namco-Namco Bandai or whatever its name is today has confirmed the leak showing the original Dark Souls would be coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility-land.

Alright, it was less of a leak and more of a jumping the gun, but you get the point.

Also confirmed is the inevitable season pass for Dark Souls 3, which will apparently 'carry on the tradition' of offering good solid chunks of extra content for the original game. It's good this was pointed out, as I figured it would be terrible extra content that nobody cared about.

Beyond that, there are no further details - literally just Bandai Namco confirming the jump-gun leaks.

While you're waiting for Dark Souls 3, why not get some practice in so you too can beat the original game without taking a single hit? Or just read some stuff that's too complex for my flu-addled brain to comprehend right now about reverse engineering Dark Souls.