Destiny's New Lead Writer Just Came Off Mass Effect: Andromeda

By Julian Benson on at

Writer Christopher Schlerf has announced that he's taken on a new role at Bungie as the lead writer of Destiny. He's coming off a few years working at Bioware Edmenton as a writer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, a role he got after working as lead writer on 343 Industries' Halo 4.

Clearly, the man likes space aliens.

Schlerf made the announcement via Twitter, saying:

With Mass Effect: Andromeda tentatively due for release later this year, it's likely that Schlerf's work is complete on the RPG and he had the opportunity to move onto another project.

Destiny has struggled on the story front since it launched, as Jason Schreier at Kotaku US discovered long before launch. Bungie scrapped an entire draft of the game's story a year before launch, asking its writers to cobble together a whole new story in just 12 months. The result was that the game world lacked coherence, areas and characters that made sense in the first draft didn't fit well into the second. The lead writer of that first draft, Joe Staten, left Bungie to start work on Recore.

It could well be that Schlerf has joined Bungie to take the helm on Destiny 2, giving the sequel a much stronger story than the first game was able to launch with.