Behold, Battlefleet Gothic's Tentacle-Covered, Evil-As-Sin Chaos Warships

By Julian Benson on at

Tindalos invites us to take a closer look at the Chaos ships in its upcoming naval space strategy game, Battlefleet Gothic. Don't get too close, some of those things are covered in icky tentacles.

The team has done a great job of bringing the Chaos warships to life — Warhammer 40k ships have always looked like weaponised cathedrals but the Chaos ships exude corruption. There's the blackened, tarnished copper colouring to the paintwork, the aggressive, violent spikes to the ship's architecture, and, well, the tentacles. Nine times out of ten, tentacles are a sign of evil. Case in point:


Tindalos's video breaks down the Chaos ships particulars. Theirs is a fleet made of long-range cannons and fast moving attack ships. They will pull into range and fire off a volley of artillery before beating a hasty retreat. They will be dicks, if you let them:

I saw an early build of Battlefleet Gothic in action last February and it looked like it was shaping up to be another great Games Workshop adaptation. Gothic's combat isn't a fast-clicking affair like Starcraft: your ships are titanic, slow-moving behemoths who make up for their lack of speed with honking great space cannons. Play is about arranging your forces to outflank your enemy, hitting them where their armour is weakest, but, because your ship moves like a tanker, a flanking manoeuvre isn't the work of a moment, it's something your foster over minutes.

I'm really looking forward to going hands-on with Gothic because a slow-paced RTS is quite a rare thing. Plus, Battlefleet Gothic was always a side of Warhammer I could never afford/find people to play with.