Games Workshop Illustrator Wayne England Has Passed Away

By Julian Benson on at

Wayne England, creator of some of the most iconic Warhammer images, passed away on February 9th. England's wife, Victoria, told of his death in a short Facebook post:

I'm afraid I'm the bearer of very sad news, today my husband and loving father of Harry and Millie England passed away, as you can imagine we are totally devastated, so we will be offline for the next few days.

England is best known for his work with Games Workshop. He produced illustrations for the Warhammer magazine, White Dwarf, and artwork for the many different army codexes. Without knowing it was his work, if you've played much Warhammer you'll have seen his pieces:





England's illustrations also appear in Dungeons & Dragons books, emblazoned on a small collection of Magic: The Gathering cards, and in The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game.


The White Dwarf cover above is up there is one of my favourite Warhammer pieces. There isn't much room for abstract artwork in Wahammer but England found a way to get a piece onto the front cover of the official magazine for the entire game.

Hopefully Games Workshop will put together a collection of his work, either as a book or an online gallery, simply so we can look through everything he created.