'Want' is Not a Strong Enough Word for This Pokemon Soundtrack Vinyl

By Ian Dransfield on at

The soundtrack to the original Game Boy Pokémon games has been released on vinyl, and can be yours for a not-too-shabby $49.95 (£35)... except it seems to be sold out already.

The limited edition release – and that's actual limited edition, to 500 copies, not your usual gaming 'limited' editions of tens of thousands – comes on red and blue vinyl made to look, of course, like a Pokéball.

It includes all of the themes from composer Junichi Masuda's work on the original Poke-releases, as well as the theme from the TV series. That's over 40 tracks of 8-bit screeching to instil powerful nostalgia in any of us.

While it doesn't look like copies are available now, you can sign up for a stock alert in case any more come into the store. It's either that or keep an eye on eBay, where these things are sure to command a pretty penny.

I can hear Keza sharpening her chequebook as I write this...